Don’t Leave Money on the Table When You Sell a Commercial Property

#1 Nobody Knows “All of the Buyers”

Some commercial brokers will try to convince you to list your property with them because they know “all of the buyers”.  There are literally thousands of potential buyers for commercial real estate.  Buyer types include private individuals, pension funds, family office investors, REITs, insurance companies, and foreign investors.  Vaaler Commercial Real Estate developed a system, and uses the best applications, to make sure the widest possible array of buyers knows your property is for sale.

#2 The Paradigm Shift

It’s hard to believe, but many commercial brokers do not cooperate with other brokers or offer to share their commissions. The ONLY reason brokers don’t want to advertise or promote your property to other brokers, or share their commissions, is so they can make more money!  This is not in your best interest.  We are disrupting the market with our philosophy to share our fees 50/50 - 100% of the time.  

#3  We Engage Other Brokers to Maximize Exposure

We engage other brokers to be part of the distribution channel for the marketing material for your property.  In fact, the best investment a seller can make is to include an attractive co broker fee as part of the sales commission agreement.  Maximum exposure equals maximum results.

#4  No Stone Unturned

If you list your commercial property with Vaaler Commercial Real Estate, you can be assured our marketing materials will quickly reach a diversified, and broad, audience.  Some brokers may keep your listing in their pocket for a short time to see if they can “double end” the transaction.  We post all of our listings immediately on our website, in CoStar, and send an email blast to our distribution list of brokers, investors, and owner/users.

If your marketing program consists of a FOR SALE sign in front of your property, you are missing out on a lot of money you might otherwise earn.  The stakes are high if a seller takes the traditional path.  The difference between saving a few percentage points for a co-broker commission vs the potentially much higher sales price is not worth the trade.

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