The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

This is a term I just heard today – the “Great Resignation”.  Andrew Seaman, an editor from LinkedIn News asked me to write about my perspective on this trend in America.

Transition Time

As COVID-19 becomes less of a concern for many business owners going forward, it has created a huge impact on the psyche of most people.  We are now entering into a time of great reflection, in my opinion.  This may be soon followed by the “Great Resignation”.

Decision Time

What is the meaning of life?  Life is short, why am I in this stinking job?  Or, why am I risking everything – time, money, fun with my spouse, quality time with my children – all for this business or professional practice I own?  These things are top of mind now and merit careful consideration, thought, and reflection.

Forecast Looks Good

The stock market is up, real estate prices are up, interest rates are down, and most people I know are feeling confident “things” are getting better.  Many believe NOW is the time to make a life change, a career change, or a bold move.  This may involve retirement for some.  It may include a geographic relocation – many people are moving south out of the northern states. Or, both.

Tax Policies Will Be A Catalyst

Time will tell as we move through the “post COVID” period.  How the new government changes tax laws affecting real estate, inheritance, and capital gains will determine the course of action for many people.  A large number may feel pressed to cash out now, make the move south, and be part of the Great Resignation!

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